Out of season February 21, 2018 – Posted in: DM Magazine, General

Nothing is more special of an out of season flower. Out-of -season fruit, an improvise trip, an unexpected present.

Unseasonal is unique, is something chosen, savored and offered from the heart.

It surprises because of its summery feel in mid-winter or because it represents a gift donated without a specific reason, a vacation while everybody else is working, an undreamed-of moment of break.

Out of season means enchantment, surprise, treats!

I love to think I can offer you one of these moments.

In our boutique you can always find a happy medley of clothes for all the seasons: they live together, side by side like a large, modern, colorful and family.

Creative patterns, a rainbow of hues, intriguing textures harmoniously blend the fabrics together and make everything possible.

You can buy an ethereal linen dress during the winter and dream about wearing it in a breezy summer evening. Or a cozy woolen coat in spring because you like to be ahead of the game.

Because….carpe diem, I buy what makes me happy now!