How we work May 7, 2018 – Posted in: DM Magazine, General

How we work

Sometimes it is a special kind of yarn to inspire me or a specific shape, the emotion of a color that playfully teases my creativity.
In other occasions, it can be a unique fabric, light and soft, that begs to be fashioned into fluid shapes and rich folds, or more structured fabric that commands sharp lines and clean cuts.


And than there is the meeting, that magic moment in which the matching of a fabric with a cut is decided; trimmings are selected, along with all the sartorial details, the hems, the buttons that are just right for that colors or that pattern.
This is the work of ateam and every player has an important part: patterns need to be designed, interpreted, proportions need to be adjusted, fabrics are carefully hand-cut, creating a specific shape with every cut.
Finally the garment comes to life and, while all the parts are assembled, the wait is sweet.
The final, masterful stitches of the sewing machine, the steaming of the iron on the fabric: the last crease is gone and the dress is finally ready!

We are waiting for you to come and share our passion!