Unique pieces! May 7, 2018 – Posted in: DM Magazine, General

Unique pieces!

We are unique piecese, limites and exclusive editions.
We are divine!
We are always different, all different
We know really well what suits us, what enhance us
I have the privilege to give voice to every curve.
It’s a matter of proportions. I shorten, take in, reshape the dress
you chose because we are not defined by a size, that is just a
starting point.
It has to fit perfectly, you have to feel like it has always been in
your wardrobe.
Sometimes the wardrobe itself is where we get our inspiration
Our beloved dress, the one that fits us perfectly, but is by now
totally worn out from the thousands and thousands times you’ve
worn it, loving every single moment of it.
Bring it to me and, with the same love, I will replicate it. I will
copy every curve, every fold, every detail.
You will have it back in a rainbow of colors, in the fabrics you
have always been dreaming about.
It will still be “it”,
And it will be love at first sight, ever again.